Iron Man 2 Lamp

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<p>Our energy efficient 2D LED lamps are designed to trick your eyes and make you and your guests see a 3D figure. Our beautiful design will be a centerpiece in your home. We guarantee your friends and family will be impressed. The lamps are unique and built with their owners in mind. The glass inserted into the wooden stand can be easily cleaned with a cloth ensuring your lamp will be looking like new for years to come. </p>
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<span style="color: #ff9900;"><strong>Regular Specification:</strong></span><br /><span><span><strong>Power source:</strong> Micro-USB cable <em>(incl.) or </em></span></span><span><em>3x AA <em>(not incl.)</em> </em></span><br /><span><strong>Lamp holder dimension:</strong> 3.3" x 1.4" </span><br /><span><strong>Figure thickness:</strong> 0.19"<br /><strong>Figure dimensions:</strong> 7" to 9", depending on the design.<br /><strong>Multiple Colors:</strong> Yes</span></td>
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<p><span style="color: #ff9900;"><strong>Large Specifications:</strong></span><br /><span><strong>Power source:</strong> Micro-USB cable <em>(included)</em></span><br /><span><strong>Lamp holder dimension:</strong> 3.3" x 1.2" </span><br /><span><strong>Figure thickness:</strong> 0.21"<br /><strong>Figure dimensions:</strong> 9" to 11.5", depending on the design.<br /><strong>Multiple Colors:</strong> No, just one.<br /></span></p>